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Create an AppStack in VMware App Volumes

To create an AppStack in VMware App Volumes, follow these steps:

1. Launch the VMware App Volumes Manager web interface.

2. Log in with your administrator credentials.

3. Navigate to the "AppStacks" tab or section.

4. Click on the "Create AppStack" button or link to start the creation process.

5. Provide a name for the AppStack to identify it easily.

6. Select the storage location for the AppStack. You can choose to store it on a network file share or within the App Volumes datastore.

7. Choose the method for capturing the applications and their associated data:

  • Capture from a clean operating system: This method involves starting with a clean virtual machine, installing the necessary applications, and capturing the changes as an AppStack.

  • Capture from a virtual machine with existing applications: If you have a virtual machine with the desired applications already installed, you can choose this method to capture the changes and create the AppStack.

8. Select the provisioning mode for the AppStack:

  • Persistent: The AppStack will be attached to the user or computer permanently and persist across reboots.

  • Non-persistent: The AppStack will be attached on-demand and will be discarded after the user logs off or the computer restarts.

9. Specify the operating system compatibility for the AppStack. You can choose from the available options based on your environment.

10. Configure any additional settings or advanced options, such as user assignment, computer assignment, or AppStack exclusions.

11. Review the summary of the AppStack configuration and ensure all the settings are accurate.

12. Click on the"Create" or "Finish" button to initiate the creation process.

13. Wait for the AppStack creation process to complete. The time required will depend on the size of the applications being captured.

14. Once the creation process finishes, the AppStack will be available for assignment to users or computers.

By following these steps, you can create an AppStack in VMware App Volumes to package and deliver applications to your virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or virtual machine environment.

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