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Creating a Port Group on vCenter

1. Purpose: This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) provides step-by-step instructions for

creating a Port Group on vCenter, a centralized management platform for virtualized


2. Scope: This procedure applies to administrators or individuals responsible for managing and configuring virtual networking in a vCenter environment.

3. Prerequisites:

  • Access to vCenter with appropriate administrative privileges.

  • Knowledge of the network configuration requirements.

4. Procedure:

Step 1: Log in to vCenter

  • Launch a web browser and navigate to the vCenter Server login page.

  • Enter the appropriate credentials to log in to the vCenter Server.

Step 2: Access the Networking Inventory

  • Once logged in, navigate to the "Networking"section in the vCenter client.

Step 3: Create a New Standard Switch (if required)

  • If a standard switch doesn't exist, create a new one:

a. Right-click on the data center or host and select "New Standard Switch."

b.Follow the prompts to configure the switch, specifying the appropriate network adapters and uplinks.

Step 4: Create a Port Group

  • Right-click on the standard switch and select "New Port Group."

  • Provide a name for the port group, ensuring it reflects its purpose or configuration.

  • Configure the port group settings, including VLAN ID, security policies, and teaming and fail-over options.

  • Specify the appropriate VLAN ID or leave it as "None" for an untagged port group.

  • Review the other settings and modify them as required.

  • Click "Finish" to create the port group.

Step 5: Verify the Port Group Creation

  • Ensure the new port group appears in the networking inventory.

  • Validate the settings of the port group to ensure they match the intended configuration


  • Update the network documentation to reflect the new port group, including its purpose, VLAN ID, and any other relevant details.

6. References:

  • Provide any relevant documentation or references related to network configuration and vCenter management.

7. Revision History:

  • Document any revisions or updates made to this SOP.

Note: This SOP provides a general guideline for creating a port group on vCenter. It is essential to consider the specific network requirements and configurations of your environment and adjust the steps accordingly.

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