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Creating Email User on Office 365 (O365)

1. Purpose: The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to outline the steps for creating an email user on Office 365 (O365). This procedure ensures that new users can be set up with email accounts in a consistent and efficient manner.

2. Scope: This SOP applies to the IT department or designated personnel responsible for managing user accounts and email services on Office 365.

3. Procedure:

Step 1: User Request

  • Receive a user request for creating an email account on O365. Ensure that the request includes the user's full name, preferred email address, and any additional requirements or permissions.

  • Verify the user's eligibility and authorization to create an email account.

Step 2: Access O365 Admin Center

  • Log in to the Office 365 Admin Center using your administrator credentials.

  • Navigate to the user management section or the area where you can create new user accounts.

Step 3: Create New User Account

  • Click on the "Add a user"or "Create new user"option.

  • Fill in the required details for the new user, including: - First name and last name: Enter the user's full name. - User name: Enter the desired username, which will be part of the email address (e.g., - Password: Set a secure password for the user's account, following the organization's password policy. - Contact details: Provide the user's contact information, such as phone number and alternate email address.

  • Optionally, configure additional settings, such as assigning licenses, specifying user roles, and setting mailbox quotas, based on the organization's requirements and policies.

  • Review the entered information for accuracy.

Step 4: Assign Email Address

  • Once the user account is created, navigate to the email settings section.

  • Click on "Assign email address"or a similar option.

  • Enter the desired email address based on the organization's email domain and naming convention.

  • Save the changes.

Step 5: Communicate User Account Details

  • Notify the user that their email account has been created.

  • Provide them with their login credentials, including the username and password.

  • Communicate any additional instructions or information regarding accessing and using their email account.

Step 6: Verify and Test

  • Perform a verification test by logging out of the admin account and logging in with the newly created user's credentials.

  • Send a test email to the user's account and ensure it is received without any issues.

  • Confirm that the user can access their mailbox, send and receive emails, and perform other necessary tasks.

Step 7: Documentation

  • Maintain a record of the created user account, including the user's name, email address, username, password, and any associated settings or permissions.

  • Update any relevant documentation, such as user account inventories or directories.

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